Dragon Tridiagonal Mask


Introducing our exquisite green and orange tiger mask, handmade with care and skill by talented artisans from Bhutan. This traditional mask is a true masterpiece, crafted using techniques passed down from generations of skilled local people.

The vibrant colors of green and orange complement each other perfectly, creating a visually stunning tiger mask that will stand out in any collection. The intricate details of the mask are a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship of the Bhutanese artisans who created it.

Each mask is carefully crafted with eco-friendly materials, making it a sustainable and ethically responsible choice for those who value environmental consciousness.

Whether you’re a collector of cultural artifacts, a lover of traditional crafts, or simply looking for a unique and striking addition to your home or wardrobe, this green and orange tiger mask is sure to impress. Order now and experience the beauty and craftsmanship of Bhutanese handmade artistry.

Product Quantity Price per Unit
1+ Nu.600.00


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